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The Future of Tertiary Education

27 October 2017 10 views One Comment

Here’s the link to this week’s ‘Future Tense’ program on ABC Radio National about Tertiary Education, which features Ross Fitzgerald and others being interviewed by Antony Funnell.

The audio is available to listen to from this site as either a download or streaming audio –

This program on Tertiary Education will be first broadcast this Sunday (October 29) at 10.30am on ABC Radio National, then at 7.30pm next Wed on RN and finally at 1.00pm on RN next Friday .

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  • Jason Gagliardi said:

    And having now led the Coalition for its longest, lowest period of primary vote support in Newspoll history, as Ross Fitzgerald summarised the other day, it’s clearer than ever that the Liberals will remove Turnbull or the electorate will remove the Liberals.

    Jason Gagliardi, The Australian, November 3, 2017