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My Name is Ross: An Alcoholic’s Journey

From his first drink at the age of fourteen Ross Fitzgerald has struggled with alcoholism. His story is one of despair, courage and hope – and living to see another day.

He writes about growing up in Melbourne, drinking his way through university in Australia and the US, being incarcerated and subjected to electric shock therapy and reaching rock bottom before being saved by Alcoholics Anonymous.

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One of Australia’s most widely-published historians, his story is truly inspiring. Insightful and brutally honest, “My Name is Ross” is his account of life as an alcoholic and his battle to get sober and stay sober.


Preface; 1 Life/Death/Insanity; 2 Suicide/Murder; 3 Shock; 4 Damaged and Desperate/ Slowly the Poison; 5 Sydney Town; 6 ‘Adequacy, Not Perfection’; 7 Silver Trays; 8 Raffles. Spies and Brissy; 9 Birth and Genesis/Opposition and Repression; 10 Spiritual Experience and Anarchism in Practice; 11 Bears and Lions and Peter Beattie; 12 Father as Hero; 13 Waste, Regret, and into Action; 14 The A.A. Professor; 15 The Switch; 16 Under the Influence; 17 A Power Greater than Myself; 18 Do Not Be Discouraged; Endnotes; The Twelve Suggested Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous; The Serenity Prayer; How to Contact AA; Further Reading.